Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik - From coal and clay since 1864 
WALL 009 The tradition of ceramics in Northwest Skåne is unmatched anywhere else in Sweden. The turn of the last century saw a growing interest in the possibilities of clay, and the ceramics industry started to grow rapidly.
Although those days has been consignes to history, a number of artists, ceramicists and designers are
still working to keep the tradition alive. Inspired by the history, the landscape and the high quality of the clay Wallåkra Stoneware Factory lives on as a reminder of the unique industrial heritage and craftsmanship of
Northwest Skåne. Here, classic original stonewre pots are made using the local clay and the traditional craftmanship. Everything os thrown by hand and fired in a large, coal-fired round kiln and glazed with one component, salt. The factory enjoys a beautiful setting in the Råå Valley, Southeast of Helsinborg. Take a
look at the craftmanship, explore the countryside and enjoy a good meal, accompanied by the sound of the bubbling brook running beneath the floorboards of the restaurant.